Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Barang Antik

It was told that there was a 9 years old boy at one day try to tease his grand father.  He had a small bird at his hand,  and once he saw his grand father approaching him, he hide the bird at his two hand at his back and ask his grand pa.  Grand pa!, I have a bird in my hand, please guess whether the bird is still alive or dead. The grand ‘pa looked to his grand child eyes, and knew that he was just trying to tease him only.  If he said that the bird is still alive, he may kill the bird and show to him that it is a dead bird,  however if he say that the bird is a dead one, he will show him that it is still alive, so with his wisdom, he answered his grand child, .. my boy, whether the bird is still alive or dead, it is up to you, …

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